Special packaging

In Mudanzas Fernández we have all kinds of special materials of first quality to make the removals safely. We handle with care and care all the objects that will be transferred to the destination.

How do we pack?

  • We mark each box with a description of its contents.
  •  We pack heavy objects such as books in small boxes so they are easy to move and can support weight.
  • We use high strength cardboard boxes to store books, dishes, clothes, lamps, etc.
  • Wrap the dishes and glassware in bubble wrap.
  • We use wardrobes - hangers to hang clothes, dresses and clothes of hanger.
  •  We use paper blankets to protect furniture and frames.
  • We use tissue paper to wrap delicate pieces.
  • We mark boxes containing fragile objects so that they are handled with care.
  •  We use covers to protect mattresses, canapés, armchairs, etc.
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